Доброе время суток друзья.Вашему вниманию специальный выпуск TSOT ep.96
I was looking for you all my life. You are my ocean.
Style: #Trance, #VocalTrance, #UpliftingTrance
отыгранные треки:

1. Levity (Intro Mix)by Illitheas
2. Invidius (Extended Mix)by Factor B
3. Cloudburst (Original Mix)by Metta & Glyde
4. Nerf Herder (Original Mix)by Linnea Schossow
5. Aspirations (Extended Mix)by Kriess Guyte
6. Punch (Original Mix)by Adam Reece
7. Sand To Snow (Extended Mix)by Farid
8. The Promise (Extended Mix)by Susana & Neev Kennedy
9. Darkhold (Original Mix)by Tycoos
10.Under The Stars (Original Mix)by ToShuk & Alaera
11.Revive (Extended Mix)by Onova
12. Journey To Heaven (Extended Mix)by Mhammed El Alami

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